Eva & Mark’s Wedding, Amalfi

    IT Latini Design June 8, 2020

    Eva & Mark’s Wedding, Amalfi

    Eva & Mark’s Wedding, Amalfi

    A historic monastery suspended between the blue sky and the Mediterranean Sea, a sweet married couple in the unique landscape of the Amalfi Coast.
    The ceremony was set in the 12th century cloister, a corner of paradise with an amazing view surrounded by white stones where you can breathe the fresh air of the nearby sea.

    Here, in contrast with the historicity of the place, is a table with modern marble plates edged with gold, cutlery with a thin and elegant silhouette, crystal glasses with a golden finish and linen napkins that recall the color of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


    It is based on the fusion of classic and modern, tradition and innovation, with the aim of creating something new, fresh, unusual and original while still being linked to the eternal traditions of the “Bel Paese”.

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    Moments Lab, LatiniDesign

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    NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

    Moments Lab di Giulia Zambon

    Every time I sit down at my desk, I find the post-it note on which I wrote “DREAM” a long time ago, reminding me to never stop looking beyond and to keep building magic for all those who decide to share their story with me.

    The experience in the profession of architect has taught me to work through a constant search for balance between the careful design of the smallest details and the surprise effect, something unexpected that can make a special moment unforgettable.

    Creativity, positivity and professionalism are the main ingredients that I use daily to carry out the mission of Moments Lab to make unique and unforgettable the most important events of those who rely on me


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